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Kathleen Lockyer

Occupational Therapist, Award winning Author, Speaker

My Prescription Outside –

I am the daughter of a fisherman from Newfoundland, Canada, and a debutant from New York City. Raised a little wild, and a little cultured, I’ve learned enough to know that preserving a healthy amount of wild is good for a growing heart, body, and mind. Guiding others to find and reconnect with the untamed part of themselves and their children is my joy.

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Nature– A prescription millions of
years in the making…


Strong, curious, resilient kids grow in nature. 

Imagine a world where young people never climb a tree or see a clear blue sky.

No need to imagine it. There are many children growing up deprived of these basic eperiences. 

A childhood without nature leads to developmental deprivation. 

In an eyelash of time, almost every aspect of childhood has changed. 

Love for nature is fading.

But it doesn't have to. With surprisingly few strategies, you can bring nature back to your life, and the lives of the younger generations.

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Bridge Neurology and
Nature Connection

Decrease Developmental Deprivation

Sensory Processing In Nature is the key to mental and physical health—For Children and Adults.

Anxiety and depression related disorders are the leading cause of disease burden worldwide!

Audiences have changed. When I look out and see faces of the younger generations, I'm frequently met with eyes that don't know nature. They may have never gazed at clouds in a blue sky, followed an ant trail, or discovered a ripe berry bush.

Many young people long to experience nature but don't know where to begin.

  • 1:5

    Number of children diagnosed with a development disorder

  • 2-5

    Age range of fastest growing population of prescription drug users

  • 70%

    Number of Americans who take at least one prescription drug daily

  • 7%

    Average amount of time children spend outside

To heal our children, we must heal
“Nature Deficit Disorder”

I am a parent
I work with Children

A few of the organizations who have hired Kathleen to speak or lead workshops:

Do you want to bring nature connection to your community? Would you like others to understand the significant value nature provides for mental, physical and community health. Are you a school administrator who wants to have nature as part of your programs core curriculum? Connect with us and see how we can work together to bring a NatureLed Approach to your people. 

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