We’ve been teaching people how to relieve stress, improve health, increase brain capacity, and regulate their emotions through mindful experiences in nature for over twenty years

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Kathleen Lockyer

Occupational Therapist, Author, Speaker

About the founder¬†‚Äď

I am the daughter of a fisherman from Newfoundland, Canada, and a debutant from New York City. Raised a little wild, and a little cultured, I’ve learned enough to know that preserving a healthy amount of wild is good for a growing heart, body, and mind. Guiding others to reclaim wholeness and love the messiness of raising children while healing themselves is my joy.

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Guiding parents and childcare workers to raise kind, connected and resilient kids

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Have children stopped answering the call of nature? 

Imagine a world where young people never climb a tree or see a clear blue sky.

Many children are growing up deprived of these basic experiences. 

In an eyelash of time, almost every aspect of childhood has changed. 

Love for nature is fading.

And children are suffering with epidemic rates of anxiety, depression, behavioral issues, and more.

It can be better. With surprisingly few strategies, children can re-engage with nature, be physically and mentally healthier, and have fewer behavioral challenges.

Bridge Neurology and
Nature Connection

Decrease Developmental Deprivation

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The NatureLed‚ĄĘ Approach is rooted in Occupational Therapy

What does occupational therapy (OT) have to do with nature connection and child development?

Occupational therapy is a wholistic profession that at its core believes people of all ages need meaningful activities to achieve health and wellness.

Research shows that being connected with nature is one of the MOST meaningful experiences for children and adults.

  • OT's are¬†educated in mental and physical health.
  • OT's are trained to¬†understand and track the skills required for¬†individuals to be successful in their lives.
  • OT's have been "coaching" children and adults to lead successful, meaningful lives since¬†the profession emerged in 1917.
  • 1:5

    Number of children diagnosed with a development disorder

  • 2-5

    Age range of fastest growing population of prescription drug users

  • 70%

    Number of Americans who take at least one prescription drug daily

  • 7%

    Average amount of time children spend outside

Nature– A prescription millions of
years in the making…


Articles, Books, and Resources

NewsMar 2021 - 5 min read

Kathleen’s writing with California Audubon– Mental Health and the Comfort of “Companion Calling.”

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ResourceA year of birding with baby

A gift for yourself or someone you love. This journal is filled with information and inspiration for new parents.

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BlogMay 2018 - 5 min read

Your child’s emotional and behavior challenges could all be related to
this one thing.

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A sampling of past speaking engagements

Do you want to bring nature connection to your community? Would you like others to understand the significant value nature provides for mental, physical and community health. Are you a school administrator who wants to have nature as part of your programs core curriculum? Connect with us and see how we can work together to bring a NatureLed Approach to your people.