About Kathleen Lockyer, OT/L, LMHP

In 2017 I was working as an educational occupational therapist when my boss sent me to the E.R.

She thought I was having a heart attack. It turned out to be a 'heart event' triggered by overwhelm. 

I was heart-broken. Drained by providing occupational therapy assessments to so many children without having the power or program to make a lasting change. 

On the day I was brought to the ER, it was the father of one of my little clients who finally cracked my heart in two.  He sat with a table of professionals as they read long reports about what was wrong with his son. Heavy tears welled in his eyes. I wanted to shout, "There is a better solution!" 

But the rules of education, therapeutic intervention, and organizational insurance said I had to remain quiet. 

My heart raced. My breath shallowed. I went deaf.

Then I was in the ER.

Realizing how toxic the stress from keeping quiet had become on my health, I quit my job.

I took my years of experience as an in the trenches occupational therapist, early interventionist, clinic-based pediatric therapist, and weaved it with my previous time as an out-of-the-box OT, co-founder of an outdoor school, and created the Nature-Led™ Approach. 

The Nature-Led Approach isn’t just for struggling children. It is a model that helps all children reach their full potential— while offering rehabilitative solutions for those who missed nature's ongoing offerings for each unique and special human.


About Megan Barrow, Advanced NatureLed Practitioner.


Meg has been with RxOutside since 2018 when she joined the first official cohort for the NatureLed Certification. Meg is an occupational therapapist and advanced practitioner of the NatureLed Approach. She works from Madison, Wisconsin where she wears many hats. Mother of two beautiful daughters, mentor with Wild Harvest Nature Connection School and the founder of Thriving Wild.

Meg is deeply influenced by the science and wisdom that we need a relationship with nature to be healthy, and she is passionate about letting this truth guide the path to thriving individuals, families, and communities!​