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The PACE of Nature Retreat

Join a 3-Day, Online, Live Retreat

And Find Your Prescription Outside –

ACES are Adverse Childhood Experiences. The more ACES you have, the more likely you will have serious mental and physical challenges as an adult. After 4 ACES, addictions are almost guaranteed.


But how can you support young ones to make nature their PACE if you haven't made nature yours?

Spend three days finding your PACE in nature. We'll teach you how to:

Awaken to nature's calling right outside your door.
Engage your neurology in core experiences that are necessary for mental, physical, and cognitive health.
Make nature connection a core part of your work and life.

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NatureLed™ Occupational Therapy Services

Parenting is the most rewarding and challenging job of living. 

But you don't need to do it alone –

Nature has given us a field-guide, written over millions of years to understand and support you, your child, and your family. 

I've been studying the feild guide for more than twenty-five years, while raising my own (now grown) children, Practicing occupational therapy and reading volumes of research—I've Got You.

You Can Be The Parent You Want To Be.

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The NatureLed Practitioner

A hybrid, year long program and optional certification. 

Join Our Next Cohort –

Many training programs address the business of nature programming. But nature is much more than a business. Nature is a  relational experience. Good relationships take time, effort and reciprocity. Are you longing for a program that deepens your connection, provides ongoing mentorship, and supports you as you become more skillful with navigating group dynamics, challenging behaviors, and motivational techniques — In nature?

You Can Make Your Job, Your Joy.

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A Journal For New Parents!

A Guide and Memory keepsake journal To facilitate your baby's Healthy Development

And Grow Into a Lifelong Birder –

Written and designed by a pediatric occupational therapist, the pages are filled with information about introducing your baby to the world of birds early, to guide healthy development and mother's well-being. This journal is a breath of fresh air!

Beautiful watercolors, wheel charts, resources for bird songs, nursery rhymes, bird books and more, this makes a great gift at a baby shower or at the birth of a new baby.

This Journal Makes a Great Gift! Give this gift and give a lifetime of birding.
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An Exciting New Book!

Birding For babies and toddlers: A fieldguide for growing a new generation of healthy, resilient bird nerds! 

Finally! A book that demonstrates how important early birding and nature connection activities are. 

Long overdue, this book will change the way parents, grandparents and caregivers value nature. Using many real life examples, BBT reveals what is going on in the neurological system of babies and toddlers when they connect with birds.

Delivering information through stories and science, Kathleen makes an unforgettable case for birding to become a primary activity of early childhood. .

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For connection, resilience and brilliance

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