The PACE of Nature

The PACE of Nature

Hosted by: Kathleen Lockyer

Unpacking nature connection - discussing the human need for nature in a way that modern humans can understand. I invite some delightfully exceptional humans to discuss topics of nature connection, occupational...


The Birder

Season #1

This conversation with Dan Gardoqui of Lead With Nature covers a lot of ground! We discuss our mutual connection to Newfoundland, Canada, our mutual love for birds and children, and we dive into his exceptional...
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Mini-episode "Max and the Coyote Elephant"

Season #1 Episode #2

In this mini-podcast, I do a little unpacking of a story about a young boy who had been taken out of school for behavioral challenges.  Two additional pieces of information I didn't mention: Yes, he did return to...
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Winter Solstice 2021 - In the raw.

Season #1 Episode #1

This first episode of Nothing Tame is exactly that! A five-minute, off-the-cuff, not edited reflection of the darkest day of the year.  And of course, there is a necessary correction, which I did not edit out for...
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