Find your PACE in nature

Nature can be a Protective and compensatory experience for you and the people you love 

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Before You Can Help Them

You have to help yourself 

Find Your PACE with a retreat in your own back yard–

Do you remember a time when you fell in love with nature?

When was the last time you allowed yourself the freedom to feel nature? Who are you in modern life? Who are you in nature? 

The challenges of modern life affect everyone. You'd have to be living under a rock to miss the fact that something is deeply troubling people of all ages. Recent studies show that 1:3 teens have contemplated suicide, preschool kids are being prescribed anti-anxiety and depression medication in epidemic proportions, while teachers are quitting en-masse because teaching has become an impossible job. Have you heard about the "Great Resignation" across many professions?

People are longing for more connection. Connection with nature is a core part of our humanity. Having a relationship with nature is more than nice to have — It's necessary.

With a few simple practices you can reconnect with the awe and wonder you felt when you first fell in love with nature. AND, when younger generations feel the weight of the world, you can be a beacon, leading them back to the light of nature. 

Nature – Everything you need in your own backyard


We can't know what the future brings.

But we DO know that Nature IS A Preventative And Compensatory Experience, one that can mitigate past and present effects of toxic stress.

Toxic stress is endemic and it impacts the mental and physical health of every generation. Nature Connection works. 

So why do children spend an average 90% of time indoors? What about you? How much time do you spend indoor? 

I'm pretty dang tired of the time, money and programs that prioritize improved academic standards, organized sports, college prep, and economic achievement BUT IGNORE THE NEED FOR NATURE.

I'm over it. You should be too. If the pandemic taught us anything, it's that when things fall apart, our neurology wants nature. 

And I'm afraid that if you don't fully understand WHY NATURE IS NECESSARY, and why you must prioritize it, you will become one of the yucky statistics.

Yeah. I'm upset. I can't look away from the pain that living out of relationship with nature — a neurological inheritance — causes.

I feel it. Do You?

This workshop will help you understand what your neurology wants and how to nurture it. Once you match the 'why with the how' you will feel more confident leading yourself and others back to nature.

With three days of live-online interactive lessons, including guided outdoor practice to immerse you in the relational opportunities of your home landscape, you'll experience essential practices to rebuild your relationship with nature.

Learn the science of what you already know intuitively and prepare yourself for a more connected and beautiful picture of the future. YOU are the one kids are waiting for.

Do it for your mental and physical health.

Do it for theirs.

To heal our children, we must heal
“nature deficit disorder.”

Yes. In my back yard.   

Deteriorating mental health is not a problem "somewhere else."  

It is a global problem —In your city, town, backroads, and often in your own home or backyard. 

It can be better. 

Studies show that as little as 10-30 minutes in a green space reduces bio-markers of stress.

Join the retreat and...

  • Awaken to nature's calling right outside your door.
  • Engage your neurology in core experiences that are necessary for mental, physical, and cognitive health.
  • Make nature connection a core part of your work and life.
  • Decompress from modern stress.
  • Open to the possibility right outside your door.

Learn to lessen your burden.

So you can reduce theirs.

A NatureLed™ Process

learn to Connect Your neurology with a simple process

During the retreat you will build a relationship with the landscape right outside your door –

Working individually and as a group, you will have time to practice, share and remove blocks to reconnecting.  

I've spent the last twenty-five years practicing occupational therapy, and the last twenty years studying, distilling, and teaching at the intersection of nature connection and therapeutic intervention.  

I have employed this process in my professional and personal life. It has offered me a way to overcome and thrive in the wake of many adversities. I have been witness to the light returning in peoples eyes through this simple, yet profound process. 

Give yourself permission to spend time being with nature. 

Reclaim My Relationship With Nature

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