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Nature. Your Nature Is calling. 

Will You Answer?



Human Suffering Has Reached Epidemic Proportions


The number of American's who take a daily prescription medication


The percent of children diagnosed with a developmental disorder


Percent of adults who suffer from anxiety


Percent of teenagers aged 13-18 who suffer from anxiety

Nature Can Help!

Hundreds of studies show that nature is necessary for human health.

Relieves depression, Anxiety and Loneliness

Reduces Heart Disease and Lower's Blood Pressure

Reduces Symptoms of ADHD

Experiences In Nature Provide Unparalleled Developmental Opportunities For Children

Imagine A Life You Love Waking Up For

With the NatureLed approach you will learn and practice essential experiences in nature for mental and physical health.

Connection for you.

Connection for them.

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Your practice by engaging in ancient connective processes.


Everything you need to begin using the NatureLed Approach! 

Immerse Yourself

In the core routines of sensory-scaping, and experience for yourself how transformative this approach is. 

Who is this training for?

YOU are a therapist, teacher or another professional who understands that time outside is important for your clients. Maybe you have read something or just intuitively know it makes people healthier and happier but you want a solid understanding of why and how?  

YOU are a teacher and have been taking your class outside because it’s easier, especially in the pandemic.

YOU are an occupational therapist who like I was, is frustrated with feeling like you can only be partially effective with an indoor-only model of service delivery. Do you often wonder, “Is this really meaningful?”

YOU have been working as a nature connection program director or mentor and, along with your peers have noticed an alarming uptick in challenging behaviors among students. Or perhaps you are just ready to dive deeper into, “Why this stuff works.”—So you can more effectively speak to your community about the value of what you do.

I created the NatureLed Practitioner, Certification Program for YOU! Come practice with us and transform your work into a meaningful occupation. 

Let Nature Lead You...


What will I learn?

  • Participants are introduced to the theory, foundation, and basic tenets of the Nature Led Approach.
  • Participants practice a variety of core routines from the Nature Led Model.
  • Participants have 1:1 time with Kathleen. During that time, she helps them define their short and long term goals and identify a potential culminating project (don’t worry, this is all fun)
  • Human Development - backed by the most recent research, you learn how our interactions with nature shaped the human brain and body.
  • Understand how to facilitate optimal development.
    • gross motor, fine motor, attention, focus, emotional regulation, sensory processing, executive functioning, learning, conflict resolution. 
  • Sensory development - What it is. How and why it is essential to understand in the context of working with children (and adults), and how to facilitate it in nature.
  • What emotion is and isn’t.
  • Understand what behavior really is and isn’t and how to resolve explosive or resistive behaviors.
  • How to re-language, re-frame, and re-pattern anxious, aggressive, or challenging behavioral expressions.
  • Emotional and physical regulation techniques outside. 
  • Collaborative problem-solving.
  • Effective techniques for facilitating group dynamics. 
  • How to translate "nature connection" into a language that others value. 
  • Core routines, strategies, and activities of developmental and therapeutic nature connection. 
  • Creating healthy behavioral patterns for children, yourself and others.
  • Understand the limitations of what you and your specific program can offer and when a referral to a specialist is necessary.  
  • The natural learning cycle - structuring a program to build upon innate human intelligence with nature. 
  • How the neurological system is designed by nature, and what can be done in any setting to strengthen and rehabilitate this connection. 
  • Hazards, risk, and safety.  
  • Site assessment, program design, and equitable solutions.
  • Healthy boundaries - freedom and sovereignty are built on trust and connection. 
  • And so much more.
  • The NLAC is a 12-month program
  • We begin and end with an in-person 5-night workshop.
  • The months between the workshops are distance – online.
  • There are weekly lessons – these are designed to help you integrate the material while enhancing your current work/home life and not overburden or overwhelm you with “busywork.”
  • We have a once-a-month live online 3-hour class.
  • There are bi-monthly live Q&A calls. (optional attendance)
  • Each participant completes a culminating project to reflect their understanding of the Nature Led Approach. This will be specific to each person’s individual goal. It may be as simple as a flyer for a parent information night and the content of the information that will be given, or as elaborate as a program design.
  • We use an online class platform that makes it easy to connect with each other and participate from anywhere in the world. If you are particularly averse to using this technology, or you do not have access to a computer or internet, you can follow along using the workbook and an alternative form of communication that is mutually agreed upon in advance.

YES! We are officially launching our second-year "Advanced Practitioner" program. 

Email [email protected] for more information. 

How is the NatureLed™ Experience different than other nature trainings?

Some of the answers from our recent participants are:

  • I realize that play in nature and nature connection are distant cousins.
  • After numerous other trainings, I can say that this is the real deal!
  • It's more than just a training - it's an opportunity to engage the senses, connect with others, and experience stillness.
  • A compassionate deep dive brimming with scientific evidence AND heart-centered consciousness!
  • The in-person workshop is just the beginning. I'm so excited it doesn't have to end.
  • It's clear that it's not about money. Kathleen really cares. This is her passion.
  • I can't believe how much I learned because it felt like a retreat!
  • The FOOD!
Join our next cohort in March, 2023 and feel the NatureLed difference!

How much does the NatureLed™Certification cost?

For $3748, you’ll get all of the above and a transformed understanding of the power of nature— and the essential human need for it.


The potential for optimal human development through the core routines that nature built into our mainframe. 


Vital systems and practices using only what nature provides (free) right outside the door. 


Multi-sensory experiences using techniques practiced and fine tuned by our ancestors - techniques our neurological systems were designed to employ. 

Where is the workshop held and what is included?

Our in-person time will be spent at a location near the coast in San Luis Obispo County.

  • Camping during both workshops
  • During the first workshop Four lunches and four dinners –organic, locally sourced food is prepared fresh onsite.
  • Meals during the second workshop are provided for an additional cost. 
  • During both workshops, coffee and tea, are provided.

The Summer 2022 workshop will be held near the coast in Morro Bay, California. 

  • More details posted soon. 

How does the distance mentorship work?

Prior to our onsite workshop, you will receive communication about our learning platform. For the technologically adventurous, you can explore the platform prior to our in-person meeting and bring any questions with you. For those who feel a little intimidated by online platforms, no worries! There will be a time during our workshop that will be dedicated to making sure everyone is on board and comfortable with its use. 

The platform has a smartphone app so you can use it anywhere!

  • Beginning the month after our in-person meeting we meet via Zoom, on the second Saturday of the month.
  • All sessions are recorded. 
  • Participants are expected to attend 5 out of the 9 live distance classes. 
  • We do not meet in December or August. 
  • On the 1st Monday and 3rd Wednesday of each month there is a live online Q & A via Zoom. This is optional. Sessions are recorded.
  • Each month participants are given tasks, activities, and strategies to use in their current work and personal life. 
  • Readings are assigned to support the understanding of each month's topic. 
  • Pre-recorded videos and "podcasts" are uploaded each month onto the program platform and can be listened to from your phone, or computer, anywhere you are.
  • A NatureLed workbook, and reference materials, are used in conjunction with the online platform.
  • We may have guest speakers - they are always announced ahead of time and sessions are recorded. 
  • You have the option to participate in up to 3 - distance -  1:1 mentoring calls with Kathleen.
  • Lifetime membership in the RxOutside Learning Community, including a private Members-Only forum, deep discounts on future webinars and classes, as well as ongoing and updated NatureLed resources.

This is more than just a course. It is a system reboot!

*Participants report side effects of inspiration, positivity, improved health, a more joyful outlook, and a new perspective - seeing through NatureLed eyes.

During the first workshop, be ready to decompress, feel alive, and learn powerful practices that will re-energize and inspire you to evolve your career- while relighting your own fire.

And P.S. get ready for bird language, finding stories in the landscape, yoga-ish, chocolate, light hiking, star-gazing, stretching your comfort zones a little, and oh yeah, really amazing and nutritious food!

And P.P.S. Be warned: You will never experience child behavior (or being outside) the same again! This is a transformative experience.

Claim a spot in our  2023 SPRING COHORT by learning more and signing up here.

Enroll today and begin the adventure— Awaken, Engage, and Integrate with the wisdom of the natural world for a more inspired and beautiful future.

In Connection, Kathleen

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"We are the ones we have been waiting for!" Alice Walker

Frequently Asked Questions


Is this for me?

If you work with children in any capacity, this is for you.  Occupational Therapists, Counselors, Teachers, Speech and Language Pathologists, Outdoor educators, Behaviorists, Administrators.


I Don’t work with other children, but I DO work with my own child every day!  Can I benefit from this program?

Yes. But it would be best to wait for the next workshop specifically for parents.


I don’t have children or work with children but I’m interested in my own personal growth and development. Would this workshop benefit me?

Yes and...  Although the program is structured as a training the trainer program, people find that it supports their own growth in ways they would never have imagined. Here is what one participant said: “The Nature-Led training is teaching me how to be more human!.” AND you may want to get on our email list to hear when our next program for personal growth begins.


How is this different than say Forest School training or other outdoor franchise-type training programs?

This workshop is different in several key ways:  

    1. We let nature lead.  Nature is the original architect of our human design and continues to provide everything we need for growing healthy humans.  We help you remember what that means and how to re-engage with that ancient knowledge. Many other programs teach more human-led approaches. 
    2. This workshop and training focus on underlying developmental needs as seen through the lens of sensory processing and integration (using the Nature-Led Approach©) which, is the foundation for successful executive functioning skills, academic learning, and resiliency.
    3. The Nature-Led Approach© combines specific activities with the neuro-physiological needs of a developing human and teaches you how to see the unique presentation of each child - how to meet them where they are at, motivate them, and then stretch their neurology, physiology, and socio-emotional literacy in a way that is aligned with our 'blueprint' for growing healthy humans.
    4. Other training's offer ‘recipes’ whereas we teach you how to ‘cook’ (so to speak).


I am an occupational therapist.  How will this training help me?  

Aaaah. I am so excited about sharing this with other occupational therapists- I believe our profession is poised to be the nature connection specialists of the future; helping childhood reclaim its true potential!  This program will help you in more ways than I can list, but most obviously, it can serve as a conceptual model of practice; one that is deeply meaningful for both you and your clients.  Finding meaningful, functional activity for our clients is essential and there is nothing more meaningful than facilitating a therapy session, using a nature-led approach!


After participation in this program can I advertise that I use the Nature-Led approach?  

After satisfactory completion of the program requirements, YES.  


I work in a traditional school setting, is this an appropriate workshop for me?

Yes!  Our Nature-Led Approach is not just about re-learning to connect with nature, it’s a whole new way to view child development and learning.  After engaging with this model, you will forever see the world through new eyes. You will find that it offers a therapeutic grade approach to teaching, interacting, sensory processing, social-emotional regulation, communication, and a generally more meaningful and functional way of approaching the way you interact with children. You will never see the world the same again!  


I already work with kids in nature. Will I learn anything new in this workshop?  

Yes!  We hope so. If you don’t, we will give you your money back and then probably beg you to work with us! Our intention is to show you ‘kids in nature’ in a profoundly different and more integrated way than you have seen it before; one that will bring greater value, more inspiration, deeper insight, and a renewed passion for what you do. It will also teach you to better articulate the essential value of what you do outside.  


Do I need to bring my own camping gear?

Yes.  and No.  It is preferable that you have your own camping equipment but if you don’t we still want you to participate so, let us know, and for an additional fee, we can set you up.  


Will there be someone to help set up my tent?

If camping is not your normal thing- that’s OK!  We’ve got your back. You will have help when you arrive- We are all in this together.  :)


Do I realllllllly have to camp?

For a fully immersive experience camping is preferable. However, everyone has a different 'baseline' of experience, and, we want to stretch your comfort zone— a little — not more than is right for YOU. So, if you have physical limitations, or, if sleeping outside is just too big of a stretch for you, that is OK. We supply participants with a list of great lodging options- and we pinky-swear promise, to love you the same as the campers :)   


I am gluten-free, can you accommodate me?

Yes!  All our meals are served gluten-free.  For other accommodations please inquire. 


I still have questions. Can I talk with someone?

Yes!  Email [email protected] to set up a time to talk. 



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